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Dune Board Game

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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2006|12:36 am]
Dune Board Game

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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2004|03:03 pm]
Dune Board Game

Players: Bene Tlielaxu = Erik, Ix= Brandon, Guild= Danny, Fremen= Matt, Bene Gessirit= Justin, Atredies= Jeff

Spice Harvest round one
Ix is manager and bid 8 spice which went to the Atredies
Shares: Atredies share=8
Bene Gessirit share= 10
Ix share=3

Bg take one for 6
Atr take two for 15
Fre take one for 9
Guild take one for 8

Round two
Ix is manager

Atredies take one for eight
Bg take one for eight
Ix take two for 14
Guild takes one for 7
Fremen take one for 7

Round three
Ix is manager
Fremen =6

Ix takes two for 13
Bg takes one for 5
Atredies takes one for 6
Fremen takes one for 5
Guild takes one for 4

Round Four
Ix is manager
Ix= 12

Ix takes four for 12
Fremen take one for 3

Round Five
Ix is manager
*Guild is paid four spice and manager picks up a second harvest card

Bg takes two for 9
Ix takes two for 10
Guild takes one for 5
Fremen takes one for 4

Results of Spice Harvest:
Ix starts with seven troops in Carthag, seven in Habbanya Ridge Seitch, and seven extra spice.
Bg starts with one troop in Seitch Tabr, and eight in Tuex Seitch, and seventeen extra spice.
Fremen start with five troops in Arakeen and eight extra spice.
BT starts with nine extra spice.
Atredies start with 20 extra spice.


Dune Round 1
spice blow: Cielago North 8
Bidding round:
* Bg play a cone of silence with only the BG and Fremen allowed to bid.
Fremen pick up a truth trance for 1
Bg pick up a shield for 1
Bg get a slip tip for 1
Fremen get a maula pistol for 1
Bg get a poison snooper for 1
Rev/mov round:
* Ix threatens residual poison on the BG
* Guild threatens Kanley if Ix ship into Seitch Tabr
Ix ships one into Tabr w/bg
Duel: Guild uses Edric against Vizer of the Ix. Guild wins Atredies get one spice, Fremen get 7 and BG gets five
Ix moves one from Tabr to Plastic Basin
Atredies ship one to Tabr and move to Plastic Basin.
Fremen appear with 4 at the polar sink and move to Cielago North
Bg move 1 from Tabr to the Plastic Basin and does not Coexist
Battle Round:
Atredies v. Ix on Plastic Basin, Atr use Gurney w/ Baliset and Kulon v. Ix’s Bator
Atredies wins (keeps Baliset and Kulon for style points)
Atredies v Bg on Plasitc Basin, Voice: can not use a worthless card Atredies use Yueh v Bg /Alia and a slip tip, BG wins and collects one spice

BT assassinate Gurney with Chaumurky
Atredies learns never to go for the style points
Collection Round:
Fremen collect 10
Ix collect 2
BG collect 4

storm: 5
* Ix residual poisons Lady Fenering of the BG
Spice Blow: Great Flat 10
Bidding round:
BT get Chaumurky for 8
Ix get Cheap Hero for 8
Fremen get Ellaca Drug for 8
BG get poison snooper for 9
Guild get karama for 9
Ix get Gom Jabbar for 9
Rev/Mov Round:
Ix rev Vizer and 1 troop, ship one to tabr and move 1 to Great Flat
Atredies revive one and ship one into Arakeen w/BG
Fremen revive one and appear 8 in Great Flat, move 4 from Cielago north to Great Flat, use Hajr card to move 5 from great flat to Carthag
Bg moves 1 from Plastic Basin to Hagga Basin
Guild Ship 2 to Tabr w/Bg
Battle Round:
Atredies v. Fremen in Arakeen, Atredies use Duncan and 2 Kulons v. Shadout Mapes and a Maula Pistol. Fremen win battle and take the Kulon round up to the stables.
Fremen v. Ix in Great Flat, Fremen use Jamis and Maula pistol against a Ixian cheap hero, Fremen win.
Fremen v. Ix in Carthag TREACHERY!!!! STILGAR IS A TRAITOR!!!!!! Ix wins
BT kill Jamis with Chaumurky
Collection Round

Spice Blow: Broken Land 8
Bidding round:
Fremen get cheap herp for 8
BT Kull Wahad for 8
Guild get Baliset for 8
Fremen get Shield for 10
Ix get Shield for 13
Rev/Mov Round:
Ix revive one, ship two into Carthag w/bg and move two to broken land
Fremen revive three, move three from great flat to Imperial Basin
BG move 1 from Hagga to Carthag and do not coexist
Atredies revives Gurney and 1 troop, ships four to Tabr and moves 4 to Plastic Basin.
Guild ships 4 into Broken land.
Battle Round:
* Atredies sells BG battle info to Ix for three spice
Ix v. BG in Carthag, Ix uses Baltern v Bg’s Irulan and a slip-tip/ snooper. BG win
* Atredies sell guild Battle info to Ix for three spice
Ix v. Guild in Broken Land, Ix use Vizer and Gom Jabbar against the Guild Rep, La la la/ baliset w/ a dial up of 2, Ix win

Bt attempt to assassinate Irulan with chaumurky but BG defend with snooper.
Collection round:

Spice blow: Hagga Basin 6
Bidding round:
Bg get stone Burner for 11
BT get Ya Ya Yawm for 8
Atr get Stunner for 9
Ix get Ellaca Drug for 9
Guild get Family Atomics for 9
Fremen get Hunter seeker for 9
Rev/Mov round
*BG not Peacefully coexisting anywhere.
* Ix declare Kanley if BG do not move out of Tuek's Seitch
Ix rev 2 and Baltern
BG ship 2 to carthag and 1 moves from polar sink to tabr
Duel: Inquisitor of Ix kills Irulan of Bg. Atr get 5, guild gets 10, and fremen get six spice.
Atredies do nothing
Fremen revive 3, 2 appear in Hagga basin and three move from imperial to Arakeen
Guild revives 1 and ships 12 into Tabr
Battle Round:
BG v. Guild in Tabr, Vocie= no use of a projectile shield, BG use Alia a stone Burner and a shield against Guilds Staban and 13 spice supported troops.

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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2004|10:54 am]
Dune Board Game

Duncan Stab-a-ho. That is all.
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battle report from eons ago [Aug. 4th, 2004|08:43 pm]
Dune Board Game
I was 3/4 of the way through with re-writing this with a bit more theatrical flavor, but somehow I lost the draft. So rather than not posting it at all, here's the rough version.

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